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Message No. 15523, Started by devitg on 03/04/05
Hi All , I need where to see about water air eyectors

I need to do a 12 inch Hg absolute vacuum , usin water as the motion fluid.

I want to construct it .

Any help or directive will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Follow-up Messages (9)
Devitg: Sorry, I don't know of any Internet site that discusses ejector ...
No. 15537, Posted by mbeychok on 03/05/05, 17:37 PST.
Hi Milton do you know some internet place to see .??
No. 15536, Posted by devitg on 03/05/05, 16:20 PST.
Devitg: Now that you have assured us that you intend to purchase your ej...
No. 15535, Posted by mbeychok on 03/05/05, 15:20 PST.
Hi Milton Beychock , of course I will buy one , but I ALWAYS , try to under...
No. 15534, Posted by devitg on 03/05/05, 14:08 PST.
Devitg: The design and construction of ejectors is quite complex and req...
No. 15533, Posted by mbeychok on 03/05/05, 09:17 PST.
Hi Rorschach , yes it is so , but instead of ARGON I want to use water. I ...
No. 15531, Posted by devitg on 03/05/05, 02:22 PST.
oh, ok, sorry, I was thinking of devices used in heat treating furnaces to...
No. 15527, Posted by rorschach on 03/04/05, 17:59 PST.
Maybe I did not post it clear . A ejector uses water as the motion mediu...
No. 15526, Posted by devitg on 03/04/05, 16:05 PST.
How would you prevent the water from boiling at that low a pressure? I'm no...
No. 15524, Posted by rorschach on 03/04/05, 10:24 PST.
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