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Message No. 15583, Started by devitg on 03/17/05
On the extrusion machine , there are used filter at the end of the extrusion screw , and before entering the die.
This filter is a solid metal piece , multi holed and with a stainless steel mesh before it.
I know that there is used a oven under vacuum to burn and then clean such filter.
I need to know some supplier the could sell it.
Thanks in advance.
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No. 15591, Posted by rorschach on 03/18/05, 11:45 PST.
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No. 15590, Posted by devitg on 03/18/05, 10:09 PST.
Actually, it is not a vacuum oven, if it were, the residue couldn't burn. D...
No. 15587, Posted by rorschach on 03/18/05, 06:36 PST.
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