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Message No. 15861, Started by indy0t4 on 04/22/05
Hello all,

I am relatively inexperienced in this area, but I need some kind of "magic box" to convert 347V into 120V, any simple consumer product would do (if such a thing exists; I wouldn't see why not).

What type of product should I be looking for? Are there any considerations that I need to keep in mind?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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thank you
No. 24523, Posted by zyhedo on 02/01/20, 00:32 PST.
Here is a link that would help you as well --
No. 15930, Posted by rstone on 04/27/05, 07:08 PST.
You really have a couple of problems to concider here. 1... a>347V is a 2...
No. 15929, Posted by rstone on 04/27/05, 06:46 PST.
I agree that you shouldn't trust the markings on a light fitting to tell yo...
No. 15899, Posted by b1ueshift on 04/25/05, 18:26 PST.
Indy, that may very well be a maximum input voltage (seems an odd number to...
No. 15896, Posted by rorschach on 04/25/05, 11:20 PST.
Hi Rorschach, Thanks for the reply. In speaking briefly with some transf...
No. 15895, Posted by indy0t4 on 04/25/05, 11:01 PST.
I shall assume you mean 347VAC to 120VAC. is this 3 phase to single phase? ...
No. 15862, Posted by rorschach on 04/22/05, 11:21 PST.
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