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Message No. 15864, Started by booster on 04/22/05
Hello again.

   Feasibility question:

     I wanted to ask opinions on an idea.  I see that many city’s around the US. have a huge burden each fall, of hauling off leaf litter from around the city, only to be put into the local landfill.  I was wondering if this could be looked at as an energy source. In short, could some cities develop facility’s to store, dry, and then burn this leaf litter to produce energy for the city.  It would be at the right time of year when the cost and use of fuel oil could be offset.  I imagine the first thing some of you would say about this is that the emissions would be a problem, but what about scrubbers.  The key to this I think, is that it is a perfectly renewable resource. It could also be harvested into methanol at some level too.

     Home owners could get credit off thier electric bill for the amount of leaf litter produced on their property based on the previous years input, and of course, if they participate in collecting it from their property.

     I guess the main question is:  Is there enough energy output, to justify the energy input, on all levels?

     I grew up in Billings MT, and on the east side there was a big nasty coal burning power plant.  It’s emissions blew over the east rim rocks into Lockwood, where you could see a noticeable difference in the health of the tree’s there due to the sulfur laden air.

     Could some coal plants such as this be slightly modified to accept debris like this?  Would the emissions be worse?

     Might it be more feasable to put this leaf litter into methane digesters. I just wanted some thoughts on this. I see some methane digesters being developed out here in Oregon, and I think its becoming more acceptable to build “Green” these days, so tell me what you think, or if anyone has some spinnoff idea’s on this go ahead and post here.

Here is a link for Bio-digesters, or Methane Digesters for those of you unfamiliar with the process.
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I don't think there are many cities left that put leaf litter into landfill...
No. 15865, Posted by rolschwarz on 04/22/05, 13:20 PST.
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