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Message No. 15948, Started by devitg on 04/28/05
Hi , could you give me the formula to calc the thickness of a vessel , under external pressure or when vacuum is applied inside??.
Thanks .
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You can get it from any Pressure Vessel Design handbook or ASME Code..There...
No. 17557, Posted by misal_28 on 04/27/06, 21:13 PST.
What happens exactly when external pressure is induced on the vessel?
No. 17556, Posted by misal_28 on 04/27/06, 21:05 PST.
External pressure conditions are a little more complicated than internal pr...
No. 15993, Posted by emcdonald on 05/05/05, 13:33 PST.
DEVITG: A pipe under external pressure fails by a mechanism called "extern...
No. 15980, Posted by cessna on 05/03/05, 15:20 PST.
As devitg points out, the pipe will not fail pure compression. Solid mater...
No. 15975, Posted by b1ueshift on 05/02/05, 16:05 PST.
Vessel under external pressure behaves in a diferent way . The most proble...
No. 15974, Posted by devitg on 05/02/05, 10:05 PST.
Hydrostatic pressure (Stress) equals 2 times thickness times Yield Strength...
No. 15973, Posted by timkom on 05/02/05, 09:58 PST.
Hydrostatic pressure (Stress) equals 2 times thickness times Yield Strength...
No. 15972, Posted by timkom on 05/02/05, 09:55 PST.
Hi , I understand your recomendations . I will change my question. How de...
No. 15951, Posted by devitg on 04/28/05, 17:36 PST.
Just did some refresher research on this, myself. Hoop stress for a cyli...
No. 15950, Posted by rolschwarz on 04/28/05, 17:29 PST.
Devitg: The thickness is a geometric dimension; it is not a function of the...
No. 15949, Posted by sdoughty11 on 04/28/05, 16:50 PST.
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