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Message No. 16218, Started by sjoerdtje on 06/01/05
Who can help me out on this one!
I have a circular plate which is clamped around its outer edge R and free (not supported) on its inner edge r (the plate has a hole in the center) Over the entire plate there works a uniform distributed or not uniform load.
The plate has a R of 75 mm and r of 50 mm and thickness t of 25 mm. We need to use a plastic calculation and not a elastic.
Now i wish to calculate the shear and bending forces at the out edge of the plate. Who got any suggestions for this? Suggestions for elastic method are welcome as well. I know roarks gives some example of how to deal with this problem but i do not know if i may use these formulas do to the high thickness of the plate compaired to its inner and outer diameter.
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Follow-up Messages (16)
First I'll address the semantic issue: you are absolutely correct that the...
No. 16280, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/08/05, 17:56 PST.
Acroduster1: As you quoted Roark previously, he says that his formulas are ...
No. 16279, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/08/05, 16:46 PST.
All of the solutions in Roark's are closed form differentials with straight...
No. 16276, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/07/05, 16:36 PST.
Acroduster1: You say that like you know. Unfortunately, I don't think that ...
No. 16269, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/06/05, 09:54 PST.
Sam, The traverse dimension refers to out-to-out measurements. It only ...
No. 16263, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/04/05, 21:47 PST.
the Farts directorate? Do I WANT to know what they control? =D
No. 16248, Posted by rorschach on 06/03/05, 06:33 PST.
No its not DNV, even if it could be in the future. But they do accept FEA r...
No. 16242, Posted by Sjoerdtje on 06/02/05, 23:04 PST.
is this a lifting apparatus to meet DNV regs? I'm not sure but I THINK DNV ...
No. 16235, Posted by rorschach on 06/02/05, 13:09 PST.
Acroduster1: As I read the dimensions, the least dimension was the internal...
No. 16233, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/02/05, 12:29 PST.
Sjoerdtje: Then it seems that your problem is burearacratic, not technical....
No. 16232, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/02/05, 12:24 PST.
At the beginning of Chapter 10 in Roark's, it states that the flat plate fo...
No. 16229, Posted by acroduster1 on 06/02/05, 05:53 PST.
I have been using Ansys on this problem. If i compaire the shear stress of ...
No. 16228, Posted by Sjoerdtje on 06/02/05, 05:46 PST.
Sjoerdtje: I think the place to start on your problem is an FEA model with ...
No. 16227, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/02/05, 05:07 PST.
To make it a bit more clear: The plate has a diameter of 150 mm The hole...
No. 16224, Posted by Sjoerdtje on 06/01/05, 22:48 PST.
SJOERDTJE: I agree with Sdoughty11. What are you trying to do? If I unde...
No. 16223, Posted by cessna on 06/01/05, 19:12 PST.
Sjoerdtje: You are right; this is too thick compared to the radii to comfor...
No. 16220, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/01/05, 18:26 PST.
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