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Message No. 17163, Started by eddie calhoun on 12/22/05
I am tring to find out to get the number of thread if the screw is at full scale?
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Follow-up Messages (4)
I agree there is not enough info to give an answer.
No. 17198, Posted by eddie calhoun on 01/05/06, 13:08 PST.
Thanks for responding I couldn't answer promply I forgot my password. The s...
No. 17197, Posted by eddie calhoun on 01/05/06, 13:06 PST.
With reference to you question, do you mean Threads per Inch? What Class/Ty...
No. 17166, Posted by adb on 12/27/05, 10:56 PST.
With respect Calhoun,Information rather than frustration.  There is no...
No. 17164, Posted by possibility on 12/22/05, 19:57 PST.
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