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Message No. 17858, Started by gerdb on 07/26/06


scroll down, on the right


imagine here mankind makes a first like that, and entities from other plates/dimensions are wacthing, as, of course, they would, and we are being kept in the dark




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Follow-up Messages (5)
I agree to your statement.
No. 17888, Posted by just_engineer on 08/14/06, 05:35 PST.
Can someone tell me why this kind of stuff is being posted on an engineerin...
No. 17887, Posted by agaldor on 08/14/06, 05:19 PST.
This is engineering post not a kind of show where you just tell your opinio...
No. 17886, Posted by just_engineer on 08/14/06, 05:10 PST.
just_engineer.....  Your thinking is flawed
No. 17883, Posted by booster on 08/13/06, 22:43 PST.
First men on moon did not see any UFO. They thought they did first but it w...
No. 17859, Posted by just_engineer on 07/27/06, 09:43 PST.
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