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Message No. 18259, Started by timwpa on 12/10/06

I am in the process of planning finishing my Basement. There is a S8X18.4 I-Beam spaning 28ft. (room dimensions 28' X 30'). There are 2 metal posts positioned approx. 9ft apart (one of which is in the way of my plan) that I don't think are supported by footers.

Will there be structural problems if I move one of the support posts to create a span of 15.5 ft? The house is 2 storys and based on what I've researched the Live Load is a maximum of  100lb/ft^2.

Please help me to figure this out... I tried to do the calculations on the beam and I'm coming up with a defection of over an inch... I can't imagine that this situation would cause the beam to deflect that much.

Thanks for your help,

 Tim Walsh 





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Follow-up Messages (16)
Well said!This is exactly what I was loking for as a response. I calculated...
No. 18301, Posted by timwpa on 12/14/06, 20:45 PST.
Acroduster,My bad .... Let me try to clear things up. Here's my previous st...
No. 18300, Posted by timwpa on 12/14/06, 20:35 PST.
2 posts not 2 beams 
No. 18299, Posted by timwpa on 12/14/06, 20:07 PST.
Tim It’s been awhile (30 years) since I used the steel codes, bu...
No. 18298, Posted by deajohn5556 on 12/14/06, 10:26 PST.
Tim I am confused about the beams - you talk about two posts 9 feet ap...
No. 18297, Posted by deajohn5556 on 12/14/06, 09:23 PST.
I don't know how you did your calculation, but my rough estimate is now sho...
No. 18295, Posted by acroduster1 on 12/14/06, 04:44 PST.
Acroduster,1) There is a Wall directly above the Beam2) The Beam is su...
No. 18294, Posted by timwpa on 12/14/06, 03:00 PST.
John:Currently there are 2 Beams in the 28 Foot Span (9 feet apart). I'm lo...
No. 18293, Posted by timwpa on 12/14/06, 02:49 PST.
There are many questions to ask and I would have to see the situation. ...
No. 18287, Posted by acroduster1 on 12/13/06, 07:09 PST.
Perhaps the columns are resting on a slab cement floor?  This would ac...
No. 18286, Posted by deajohn5556 on 12/13/06, 06:59 PST.
Dave:Thanks a lot for your response... I'm trying to avoid asking this ques...
No. 18283, Posted by timwpa on 12/12/06, 18:35 PST.
Sorry for my ignorance, buy what other details am I missing?Seems to me it'...
No. 18282, Posted by timwpa on 12/12/06, 18:28 PST.
Thanks John for the reply... But, I'm confused about why these posts wouldn...
No. 18281, Posted by timwpa on 12/12/06, 18:23 PST.
I agree with acroduster and cessna on this.  Assuming the beam carries...
No. 18274, Posted by deajohn5556 on 12/12/06, 11:07 PST.
TIM:  Lacking a lot more of specific informaito I suggest that you tal...
No. 18273, Posted by cessna on 12/12/06, 09:20 PST.
I hate to keep answering questions like this, but you really must speak to ...
No. 18272, Posted by acroduster1 on 12/12/06, 09:13 PST.
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