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Message No. 18365, Started by flywelder on 01/19/07

I have an electric  chop saw. The brush on  one side of comutator  has worn out. Manufacturer no longer has brushes available for this model ( naturally)  So, I replaced the brush with one I shaved down. I purchased the replacement brush from a automotive Starter rebuild shop.

Saw worked fine for two weeks...there was much arcing when the motor ran from this brush. I would like to learn why?

Now the saw motor quit. ???

So I ask you, is there a difference in  brush material  for a DC starter and that used in a electric motor?

Also has any one a source for replacment brushes for AC motors 120 volt for a chop saw?  The saw was built by Black and Decker, and is their professional line.

 I await your replies.



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