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Message No. 19182, Started by tracylam on 10/04/07


I am studying on a 3 DOF system and I can calculate its three natural frequencies and they match quite well with the experimental result. However, I found a phenomenon that there is “splitting” of the natural frequency (I assume there should be 3 sharp peaks on my frequency response curve but 4 peaks appeared). I wonder what the origin of the additional “natural frequency” is. Would you mind giving me some suggestions?

Thanks a lot.



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If you are talking about a split of frequency measured experimentally, this...
No. 19186, Posted by deajohn5556 on 10/04/07, 12:23 PST.
Dear John,In this way, each peak respresents one degree of freedom. However...
No. 19185, Posted by tracylam on 10/04/07, 10:59 PST.
Analytically, there will be three nearly equal peaks for each mass, bu...
No. 19184, Posted by deajohn5556 on 10/04/07, 09:51 PST.
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