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Message No. 19753, Started by dwhurst on 05/21/08
I have a quantity of cap head set screws that measure 4.0mm major dieameter but no metric thread pitch gauge fits. The only one that fits is imperial 40 TPI. What thread form is this?
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There is more than just Metric, Imperial and American SAE. Different indust...
No. 19823, Posted by crackerjack on 06/13/08, 21:02 PST.
.7 mm step or pitch ads up to only 36.28571 threads per inch but one c...
No. 19769, Posted by gerdb on 05/24/08, 06:58 PST.
it ia a MA 4 x 0.70 step In metric we sizes thread by diameter and ste...
No. 19757, Posted by devitg on 05/22/08, 10:45 PST.
No. 19756, Posted by gerdb on 05/21/08, 04:36 PST.
maybe its a 4.5mm major diameter with .75 or .5 pitchthe srew machines don'...
No. 19755, Posted by gerdb on 05/21/08, 03:23 PST.
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