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Message No. 19834, Started by fuad123 on 06/18/08

anybody can help to send me the simple formula to convert pressure (mbar) to flow rates (m3/ hr)

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It sounds as though you have been given a pressure drop across a flow measu...
No. 19944, Posted by taylortj on 08/28/08, 07:58 PST.
dear friend  there is no any relation between flow & pressure if t...
No. 19941, Posted by deepataren on 08/27/08, 06:02 PST.
This type of question is all too common.  Not enough information to be...
No. 19851, Posted by b1ueshift on 06/24/08, 07:30 PST.
Flow rate (furlong^3/lunar phase) = 2*Pi*Pressure(pennyweight/sq micron)&nb...
No. 19840, Posted by sdoughty11 on 06/18/08, 19:51 PST.
There is no relation between Pressure  and FLOW . No up to you gi...
No. 19837, Posted by devitg on 06/18/08, 17:35 PST.
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