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Message No. 19860, Started by b1ueshift on 06/29/08

I see electrical current quoted for 3 phase circuits and rated currents for 3 phase breakers and I'm not sure what that number refers to.

Is it the sum of the RMS values of the currents in each phase or something else?

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On three-phase circuits, the current is expressed in "current per phas...
No. 19875, Posted by sparky1 on 07/08/08, 10:50 PST.
"a 60 amps circuit breaker can handle 60 amp at each phase , it will t...
No. 19873, Posted by gerdb on 07/06/08, 03:51 PST.
a 60 amps circuit breaker can handle 60 amp at each phase , it will trip if...
No. 19872, Posted by devitg on 07/05/08, 17:00 PST.
"Rated amps , are for each phase ."  all three phases t...
No. 19871, Posted by gerdb on 07/05/08, 15:37 PST.
Rated amps , are for each phase .  
No. 19870, Posted by devitg on 07/05/08, 15:09 PST.
yes, to my knowledge as machinist all we use is 3 phase current, ava...
No. 19865, Posted by gerdb on 07/01/08, 21:00 PST.
Sorry if I'm not making sense. Regarding 3 phase circuit breakers, whe...
No. 19863, Posted by b1ueshift on 06/30/08, 23:01 PST.
i don't think anyone understands the question
No. 19862, Posted by gerdb on 06/30/08, 14:15 PST.
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