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Message No. 20645, Started by jayelrod on 07/15/09

Hi - I'll be bolting some angle iron to an I-beam and would like to use strong bolts.  I'm somewhat familiar with various grades of bolts (5, 8, etc.) but don't know for sure what those grades mean.  Does a higher grade simply mean the bolt is stronger?

Other than price, are there any disadvantages to a stronger bolt (for example, do they fatigue any differently, are they more brittle, etc.)?

Thanks for any help.


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Yes, Stronger Bolts are defined by preloading. Thanks for this helpful info...
No. 22731, Posted by jay_rogers on 08/01/18, 04:54 PST.
Jay As gerdb notes, you torque the bolt head  (or nut) witht a torque...
No. 20664, Posted by deajohn5556 on 07/19/09, 19:20 PST.
preloading to me means: tighten bot to specifications (torque wrench) wai...
No. 20654, Posted by gerdb on 07/16/09, 12:46 PST.
Hi John, Thanks for your helpful response and data.  One question - w...
No. 20651, Posted by jayelrod on 07/16/09, 08:18 PST.
Jay   Yes, the higher the grade the higher the strength; grade 2 has...
No. 20647, Posted by deajohn5556 on 07/15/09, 19:01 PST.
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