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Message No. 20724, Started by vchev2002 on 08/18/09

PlateDetermine the equation to solve for the surface area of the cone drilled on the curved plate. I am looking for the surface area of the drilled cone. The plate have t-thickness (R1-r1), drilled in angle θ, plate radius r1 (inner) and outer radius R1.  Since the hole is drilled in an angle θ, the top radius (R2) is greater then bottom radius (r2).


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Please send it to   myusernamehere at
No. 20742, Posted by devitg on 08/23/09, 11:07 PST.
R1 is the radius of the plate. You have a 4" x 4" square plate with 0.5" th...
No. 20731, Posted by vchev2002 on 08/19/09, 08:57 PST.
is R1 a cylinder ?   without a drawing you are likely out of luck &...
No. 20728, Posted by gerdb on 08/19/09, 04:28 PST.
is R1 a cylinder ?  
No. 20727, Posted by gerdb on 08/19/09, 04:27 PST.
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