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Message No. 21441, Started by rleng on 05/10/11

Efunda has the most extensive design standards for screw threads that I can search out.  The one thread that it does not have and I have not been able to find ( after much searching ) is for a 1-14 UNF.  Anyone have design specs for this thread size?  Thanks...

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You can try using Mil-S-8879 and calculating the pitch, major, minor, etc u...
No. 21638, Posted by timkom on 10/18/11, 18:57 PST.
Dave, thanks for the reply.
No. 21616, Posted by rleng on 10/05/11, 06:36 PST.
RLENG:  I do not think it is available.  I checked a UNF/UNC tabl...
No. 21443, Posted by cessna on 05/12/11, 05:52 PST.
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