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Message No. 21748, Started by Kshiteesh on 04/18/12

I have a C-channel welded on a rectangular plate. How do I calculate the moment of Inertia of only plate, only channel and both plate and channel together?

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Have a look at the structural steel channel properties section at engineers...
No. 21921, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/17/12, 13:22 PST.
You can also try for Mo...
No. 21776, Posted by skahmad on 06/14/12, 02:55 PST.
Yes, it is.   In your case I(a) is inertia of C section and Y(a) = G...
No. 21758, Posted by deajohn5556 on 05/01/12, 09:45 PST.
Yes the C - channel is welded to the plates on the outside. Simply adding t...
No. 21755, Posted by Kshiteesh on 04/21/12, 12:13 PST.
You need to calculate the inertia of the plate and inertia of the C section...
No. 21754, Posted by deajohn5556 on 04/20/12, 09:56 PST.
Thanks Dave. Yes this is an unusual combination which is used for reinforce...
No. 21753, Posted by Kshiteesh on 04/19/12, 11:39 PST.
Kshiteese:  Calculate Moment of Inertia of steel plate.  Obtain m...
No. 21751, Posted by cessna on 04/19/12, 11:25 PST.
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