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Message No. 21774, Started by Sino-Summer on 06/14/12

I'm a green hand in rapid prototyping technical field. The only information I know is rapid prototyping technical is like a three-dimensional printer. without any tools, molds and tooling fixtures, it can be qualickly and directly to make the parts of a single piece. I hope some one can supply me more information. thanks.

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Have a look at the Robotics section at University of California at San Dieg...
No. 21917, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/17/12, 13:15 PST.
Hi Sino-Summer, At FATHOM we sell Objet Geometries 3D Printing Systems. &n...
No. 21885, Posted by studiofathom on 10/01/12, 11:19 PST.
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