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Message No. 21931, Started by curat on 12/20/12

Hi folks, this is my first post so please bear with me, I'm trying to calculate the size of a pressure vessel when there is heat applied. Say for instance I have an enclosed tank with an outlet pipe on one side. I heat the tank to 800f. The contents of the tank get incinerated. Say my outlet is 1-1/2" diameter. How much pressure in psi will come out of that outlet? 

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Thank you Dave, I see your point. My question is based on temperature. I us...
No. 21935, Posted by curat on 12/22/12, 10:03 PST.
CURAT:  Assuming the valvve is right at the tank.  The presure th...
No. 21933, Posted by cessna on 12/21/12, 14:19 PST.
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