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Message No. 22420, Started by MEMYMO24 on 04/28/15

What would the problems be, if any, with having a shaft being split with a rigid coupling between two bearings?  This is a vertical shaft with belt drive on top of first bearing.  And a long unsupported end after the second bearing.

Nothing unusual except the rigid coupling bolting the shaft together.


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What is supporting the vertical shaft in position? Is there a thrust t...
No. 22545, Posted by rek1 on 10/20/16, 10:44 PST.
You need to change the bearings atleast one to self aligning bearing
No. 22541, Posted by shamun on 10/14/16, 10:07 PST.
No. 22443, Posted by peterwalf on 05/26/15, 23:41 PST.
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