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Message No. 22489, Started by sertakus on 03/16/16
I have a material GFRP. I want to shape it with a 6 axis robot by cutting and drilling. I made the part tested and figured the bending and tensile strengths out. I also know the proporties of the cutting tip that i have. It has 2 cutting edge and dia is 6 mm. Is there any formula or a way to decide what rpm and moving speed i should use?thank you all
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Follow-up Messages (3) thias is the link of machine.
No. 22570, Posted by daljitgroup on 12/05/16, 03:01 PST.
wonderful cutting machine with 100% safety.
No. 22569, Posted by daljitgroup on 12/05/16, 03:00 PST.
please share full video also if someone knows about it.
No. 22566, Posted by daljitgroup on 11/25/16, 20:38 PST.
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