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Message No. 22583, Started by bluepiece on 02/13/17

Hello everyone, 

I'm a freshman in college and I just don't get what dilatometry is? It's part of my thermal analysis class. Can someone explain? Edit: I found this website which tries to explain, I suppose. I still don't get it. Please help.

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Dilatometry is a thermo-scientific strategy for estimating the shrinkage or...
No. 22793, Posted by pri2347 on 12/19/18, 01:04 PST.
In "Digital teacher" we can learn easly. It is a thermo-analytica...
No. 22686, Posted by enugula on 03/21/18, 03:56 PST.
Dilatometry is a thermo-analytical method for measuring the shrinkage ...
No. 22586, Posted by gd&t_consultant on 02/15/17, 13:04 PST.
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