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Message No. 22676, Started by charles2018 on 01/26/18


I am looking for websites which sell manufacturing drawings of equipment such as in the packaging industry and others.
Websites such as machine-plans

Any suggestions?


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If you are a student like me, I can advise you the Redbubble website or Ama...
No. 23791, Posted by JasonPauls on 08/18/19, 05:52 PST.
Hi,   I advise you to use, because there you'll find what...
No. 23310, Posted by McCoyRyan on 05/13/19, 03:54 PST.
Try machine design online, it is a website for machine drawings and i think...
No. 23026, Posted by maxpetis on 03/29/19, 00:07 PST.
Thanks for all your information, Website is very nice and informative conte...
No. 22894, Posted by alicetaylor on 02/26/19, 19:59 PST.
Most radial drills machines are of simple design. Just a standard drill pre...
No. 22864, Posted by juliemark on 02/20/19, 23:43 PST.
Sure! website. Here experts create h...
No. 22815, Posted by BryanTaylor on 12/27/18, 00:18 PST.
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