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Message No. 22679, Started by marcepinc on 03/02/18

Water Chemistry and Corrosion of Power Plants and Allied Industries Reduce hydrogen damage, reduce boiler tube failure, and improve unit reliability. 


Minimize corrosion deposition. Learn the proper response when chemical limits are exceeded. Understand the consequences of operation while boiler and feed water chemistry limits are being exceeded, proper laboratory QA/QC water (and fuel) testing methods, and how to calculate safe contaminant levels in boiler and feedwater.

This TECHNICAL WORKSHOP is designed for power plant laboratory technicians and supervisors. The Seminar provides an understanding of the role of chemistry in a power plant, the effects of chemical excursions, and how to determine chemical limits. It also provides a discussion of testing methods, the need for a quality assurance/quality control program, and how to set up a QA/ QC program.
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