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Message No. 22682, Started by mohamadsultan on 03/17/18
I have a circular beam under bending and normal stress combined with three strain gauges mounted at a circular section 120 degrees apart, e1, e2, e3 readings.  I know that the normal stress can be computed by E*(e1+e2+e3)/3; however I have forgotten how to find out the bending component - meaning what is the max flexural stress.  The 3 strain gages are not necessarily aligned with the load direction, and I do not know what the misalignment is either.  However, I recall that I was once abale to compute the flexural stress without  caring about the misalignment angle.

Any help.
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Thank you for this post. This is very interesting information for me.
No. 23153, Posted by MaryRoss on 04/20/19, 03:55 PST.
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