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Message No. 22745, Started by Bret Cahill on 09/11/18

I need to fill a pressure vessel that has only one small port with particulate.  The particulate clumps easily and needs to be blown in for uniform distribution.  W/o cutting into the vessel it's possible to blow a small amount of particulate into the vessel with a compressor.  To keep the pressure in the vessel from increasing this can be repeated using a screen or filter "check valve" to trap the particles in the vessel while allowing air to escape on each cycle.  The air just goes back and forth.

The "screen check valve" is opened and closed by fluid dynamic forces just like the conventional flap or swing check valves that have been in use since the early hominoidocene.  The only diference is the flap is a screen that only keeps the particulate from coming back out.

Are there many applications for screen check valves?  A preliminary search doesn't satisfy.







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