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Message No. 23291, Started by OlmanGun on 05/09/19

Past few orders I've made wound up not having the free 2 day shipping as an option on all items. At first I thought it was just me not paying attention, but I have discovered that my process of "filter items by Amazon Prime to see what I can get in 2 days" is now broken, meaning I have to spend time reading about shipping details now in addition to product specs just makes my shopping experience not as good. To be honest, 2 day shipping was the whole reason I signed up years ago. Even though Amazon's front end is just awful compared to other retailers (IMHO of course), their Prime benefits outweighed the clunky interface.

This kinda bums me out as I'm debating unsubbing from Prime. Their free TV/movies benefit means little to me.

Anyone notice this?

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Amazon becomes more and more unreliable. Don't know why. And their prime po...
No. 23294, Posted by Catchy Title on 05/09/19, 09:47 PST.
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