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Message No. 23589, Started by rubina123 on 07/12/19

Adiabatic Cooling System and its Working

What is Adiabatic Process?

Adiabatic cooling system  is the process of reducing heat energy with the help of conventional natural methods like sprinkling of water to maintain the temperature. It is very traditional methodology initially used by Roman, Australian, Chinese and Persian Societies. The concept comes into picture from the evaporative air conditioning systems at homes where water is added to a pad or rooftop through which air is pinched into reduce the temperature. Because of which we will obtain lower temperature at the input which will reduce the energy costs converting the air to the required temperature. This principle is known as “Adiabatic cooling” process.

Working of Adiabatic cooling System

Adiabatic cooling system is designed for an Econet system especially for the use in the greenhouses of nurseries or the farms to protect the plants from excess of sunlight. It is one of the energy saving product which works on the process of adiabatic cooling. It uses water sprinkler for temperature control with the help of sensor and PLC based controller.

For more details:Adiabatic cooling system

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