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Message No. 23630, Started by martin_robinson on 07/20/19

Hi, I am very much interested in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) University of Girona. Can anyone from this group help me regarding this. This course is about Solid Mechanics and Computational Methods while providing a coherent specialisation.

Want to know about expense and if any weiver is available. Also looking for scholarships. 

And there are so many reasons to choose Girona. I am a traveler. That's why Spain is one of my favorite locations.

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Follow-up Messages (4)
What's the duration of the course and how much money do we need for this?
No. 24409, Posted by josaflenya on 01/03/20, 02:17 PST.
I was In Getafe two years for a study course. I was studing History an...
No. 23650, Posted by night_fury1212 on 07/24/19, 20:55 PST.
Yes, Spain is a great place for traveling and studying. Lots of quality Uni...
No. 23649, Posted by night_fury1212 on 07/24/19, 20:51 PST.
Yes University of Girona exactly has this course. The objective of this Mas...
No. 23636, Posted by night_fury1212 on 07/22/19, 19:01 PST.
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