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Message No. 27, Started by rok on 01/09/00
I need the formuals to convert data from Japaness diesel engine specification (metric) to U.S. standards as follows:

Japanese spec- Max output (DIN) kW(PS)/rpm = 74(100)/3,500
I need the formual to convert this to SAE horsepower

Japanese spec-Max torque (DIN) Nm (kg-m)/rpm= 240(24.5)/2,000
I need the formual to convert to SAE torque

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You have plenty of tools for this on  Have a loo...
No. 21920, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/17/12, 13:20 PST.
Correction: The SAE J1349 is for Net power only. The Gross engine power ...
No. 35, Posted by wuby on 01/10/00, 14:47 PST.
rok, You have brought out a very good issue that seems to confuse a lot ...
No. 28, Posted by dr funda on 01/09/00, 12:50 PST.
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