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Message No. 29, Started by markus on 01/10/00
Dr. Funda,

I was wondering: If you have a magnetic field in outer space, what is in between the field lines of a magnetic or electric field? Obviously it can't be air, is it empty then or what?

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Dear Markus magnetic and electric field lines DO NOT EXIST in space. Its...
No. 7642, Posted by Uli.Dinklage on 07/28/01, 17:06 PST.
A field is an opinion about reality expressed in a mathematical model that ...
No. 7638, Posted by Uli.Dinklage on 07/28/01, 00:49 PST.
As was shown by the Michelson-Morley experiment more than 100 years ago, ma...
No. 32, Posted by dr funda on 01/10/00, 14:00 PST.
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