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Message No. 3125, Started by ramnath.ranganathan on 07/30/00
i want to know how it works ,and how it is better thancarburetor

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Dear Ranganathan: Multipoint fuel injection is a system that injects the f...
No. 14695, Posted by cessna on 10/06/04, 14:01 PST.
Blueshift, in a motorcycle engine (or a outboard motor engine, or a snowmob...
No. 14694, Posted by rorschach on 10/06/04, 10:13 PST.
I should correct that, motorcycle manufacturers are starting to change to f...
No. 14685, Posted by b1ueshift on 10/05/04, 19:53 PST.
Fuel injection is better than carburettion because it uses a closed loop co...
No. 14684, Posted by b1ueshift on 10/05/04, 16:21 PST.
Heh, I guess i can answer that, honestly id rather have my colleagues answe...
No. 14676, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 10/05/04, 09:09 PST.
i want to know how it works ,and how it is better thancarburetor system.
No. 14673, Posted by sukeshsurendran on 10/05/04, 01:11 PST.
dear friend, as far as i know and my knowledge goes MPFI syatems ha...
No. 10714, Posted by rajat_rns on 03/02/03, 01:19 PST.
1)The carburettor is basically a quantity governing system for the icengine...
No. 3277, Posted by milindchitale on 08/11/00, 10:36 PST.
Hello Gearhead, You are absolutely right. Sorry I did not make it clear....
No. 3137, Posted by dr funda on 07/31/00, 10:27 PST.
I think you have it wrong Doc Funda. Sorry to point it out. MPFI does not...
No. 3136, Posted by gearhead greg on 07/31/00, 10:04 PST.
Hello, It depends on what you call 'better.' It is probably not better w...
No. 3129, Posted by dr funda on 07/30/00, 16:40 PST.
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