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Message No. 3696, Started by shahidraja on 09/02/00
please inform about casting processes of WCB valves and their inspection criteria.
what are the professional bodies certifications required for of valve bodies, for pressure ratings 150-600 lb.
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You're asking about ASTM A216 WCB valves which is a plain carbon steel valv...
No. 21906, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/16/12, 14:39 PST.
Like Crackerjack I don't know what a WCB valve is, (I may know it by differ...
No. 3764, Posted by rorschach on 09/05/00, 17:31 PST.
Look at Technical books in efunda page header. Research Plumbing Standards...
No. 3705, Posted by crackerjack on 09/03/00, 12:30 PST.
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