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Message No. 4425, Started by maliklai on 10/02/00
hello, I am trying to understand what happened during whole plastic injection process inside the machine. The sequence of plastics melt,screw rotation,clamp motion is what i am concerned about.
Is there any animation to show injection molding process?I think it will help me more clear.Thanks a lot.
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hello maliklai, hope you were find good solution, I recommended little bit ...
No. 24595, Posted by trevorjohn on 02/11/20, 00:15 PST.
This may not be exactly what you are looking for but you may find this site...
No. 4461, Posted by dr funda on 10/03/00, 10:28 PST.
Injection moulding process, Although i dont have a animation file for sh...
No. 4448, Posted by prakashbn_2000 on 10/02/00, 21:59 PST.
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