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Message No. 49, Started by kjo on 01/13/00
Dr. Funda,

As you're probably aware, the nonlinear stress-strain behavior of steels and many other metals is fast becoming a hot topic with respect to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) work.  However, the best that I've been able to achieve at finding such data is a few values here or there in various published papers.  Surely there must be some central database that contains at least a good portion of the most popular metallic material properties used in material nonlinearity modeling, such as for FEA.  I would feel defeated if such information is not readily available through the universities' research facilities for free or at most a processing fee.  But, if I must, defeated..., I would consider paying for access to such data.  So, what would you do?

The values that I seek are those used to categorize the nonlinear, plastic portion of the "true" stress-strain curves, such as strain hardening (or strengthening) exponents and coefficients, used in a power law model.  Otherwise, tabulated actual "true" stress-strain data points (not the curves) would suffice.

Hoping you can provide some insight to help me, particularly with steels... Thanks in advance,

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