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Message No. 50, Started by kbergner on 01/14/00
Does anyone know the requirements for an engineering notebook from a patent perspective?  Can they be spiral bound?  We have hard bound notebooks, but they are cumbersome to use.  Any ideas on a supplier?

Kurt Bergner
Accuray, Inc.
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Patent requirements for Engineering Notebooks are typically tamper evident ...
No. 21326, Posted by BellaMia99 on 01/25/11, 11:32 PST.
No spiral bound. Has to be permanently bound and pages sequentially numbe...
No. 53, Posted by dr funda on 01/14/00, 16:59 PST.
Sorry, no spiral or loose bound of any kind! Furthermore, no blank pages...
No. 51, Posted by dora on 01/14/00, 15:26 PST.
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