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Message No. 5877, Started by j_mates on 01/24/01
Could somebody please remind me what value is considered to be a perfect vacuum (In. Hg.)? While It's easily dimissed as "the space between the ears of upper management types", I need what would be considered the "universally accepted figure".

Dealing day in and day out in positive pressure, one tends to lose track of the negatives . . . . . .
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One more thing as Mr Mbeychok already mentioned about absolute pressure... ...
No. 5894, Posted by pitoyo on 01/25/01, 17:32 PST.
Outer space is a perfect vacuum. Here on earth, at sea level, a gage may re...
No. 5882, Posted by crackerjack on 01/24/01, 23:24 PST.
J_Mates: A perfect vacuum would be one in which the absolute pressure wo...
No. 5879, Posted by mbeychok on 01/24/01, 13:13 PST.
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