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Message No. 6048, Started by james007 on 02/08/01
We know that a displacement is a vector.
Is a rotation also a vector?

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Whether a rotation is a vector or not depends on if it is finite(large) or ...
No. 6593, Posted by impreza on 03/28/01, 00:47 PST.
Hello, Sorry I misunderstood your question. What you were asking was rot...
No. 6058, Posted by dr funda on 02/09/01, 13:59 PST.
Dear eFunda Staff, Thanks for replying. But aren't vectors supposed ...
No. 6055, Posted by james007 on 02/09/01, 11:42 PST.
Hello Mr. Bond, Yes of course. Rotation is a vector. The vector has a ma...
No. 6049, Posted by dr funda on 02/08/01, 18:43 PST.
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