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Message No. 6473, Started by pbansal on 03/17/01
I have heard about some progress in the work of developing self healing composites . The scientific terminology for this is Biomimetic . Its basically regarding composites which can heal microcracks with in them automatically during there initiation period . I would be really obliged if anybody having any source of information about it could just help me out . Its very important  !!
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Inkwood Research estimates that the global market for self-healing material...
No. 24137, Posted by clivecooper on 10/30/19, 04:31 PST.
There's an article on self-healing polymers in New Scientist and Nature fro...
No. 6490, Posted by lancet on 03/20/01, 11:35 PST.
All that I know about self healing composites comes from a recent magazine ...
No. 6480, Posted by bryanm on 03/19/01, 04:36 PST.
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