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Message No. 6540, Started by descon on 03/22/01
Hi there,

We are a design consultant and are doing more work for clients that does not involve creating formal, fully annotated engineering drawings.  We are interested in sharing and learning more about experiences with this transformation.

Obviously almost everyone relies heavily on 3D CAD databases for tool design and construction but more firms are moving away from creating fully annotated engineering documentation and trying to capture design specification in the CAD database.  Some of our clients are simply evolving that way out of laziness or trying to save money.  With others there is a unified effort to reduce the quantity of paper documentation that runs through their entire business processes.  I'd be very interested in hearing any other companies experiences with this transformation.  In particular:

Once you stray away from needing to fully dimension part drawings, how do you determine what to detail?

How are technical specification captured and communicated?

How are ongoing process control plans managed?

How is on-the-floor troubleshooting handled without access to a print?

How has your supplier community handled the transition?

Any other successes or war stories.

Please feel free to drop me a phone call if the response is more involved than you can convey in an email.

Thanks a ton and I look forward to your response.

Dave Franchino
Design Concepts

(608)  221-2623

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