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Message No. 67, Started by chrisoreilly on 01/18/00
I have an application where I have to find the area of a shape.  Basically, the shape is a rectangle that has 2 symetrical radii on the top surface.  The cross-section would look like a loaf of bread that was cut down the top-center before it was baked. (Hopefully you can imagine what it looks like).

I need to find the area of this shape, which is no problem considering that I can create it using Pro-Engineer.  However, I need to find the area of the same shape, but with different dimensions (approximately 3,000).

Without having to go in and create this shape to each specific dimension, can anyone offer me some advice on how I might be able to calculate the area(s)?  In 1/2 of the shapes the width of the shape is constant, while the height is the variable.  In the other 1/2 of the shapes the height is constant and the width is the variable.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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