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Message No. 7, Started by dora on 12/28/99
I found your loan calculator very helpful and informative. Thank you.

Could someone educate me the meaning of a 185/70 R14 (88T) tire?  What is S + M? Threadwear 360, Traction A, Temperature B?

One more question, if the friction is perportional to the normal force, why bother to use super wide tires as in Indy or F-1 racing?

Thank you in advance.
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185/70 R14 (88T) is a tyre that is 185mm wide, 70 is the aspect ratio, the ...
No. 20961, Posted by geoffer on 01/19/10, 06:30 PST.
Wuby, You are so correct about that explanation.  88 actually means th...
No. 20959, Posted by .223shooter on 01/18/10, 15:36 PST.
Hello, I thought the first two replies to the original message cover the...
No. 5184, Posted by dr funda on 11/09/00, 18:00 PST.
Please explain the different markings that are given in auto tires. Specifi...
No. 5182, Posted by nhv874539 on 11/09/00, 16:54 PST.
Howdy: S+M is probably written M+S on your tire and this definitely st...
No. 11, Posted by francis on 01/04/00, 17:00 PST.
Hi there, Tire designation is a perfect example of mixed metric and impe...
No. 8, Posted by wuby on 01/02/00, 18:36 PST.
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