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Message No. 7063, Started by mlombardo on 05/16/01
What is the correct way to dimension an ellipse or a partial ellipse on a drawing using ANSI Y14.5-1994 standards.
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This question was apparently never answered. What is the correct way to di...
No. 22855, Posted by strand3d on 01/30/19, 08:32 PST.
Mark, I would warn you of the possible pitfalls of giving the machine shop ...
No. 7104, Posted by rorschach on 05/17/01, 16:15 PST.
I intend on giving the machine shop my solid model so they can generate the...
No. 7092, Posted by mlombardo on 05/17/01, 10:10 PST.
Actualy, the standard is ASME Y14.5M - 1994 not ANSI. I would use profile ...
No. 7085, Posted by Josh on 05/17/01, 05:26 PST.
One way to do it is to give the xy coordinates of many points on the path o...
No. 7071, Posted by art2000 on 05/16/01, 19:58 PST.
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