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Message No. 7316, Started by gillis on 06/12/01
I have another centrifugal pump question if anyone is willing.  If pump curves are plotted for a particular shaft rpm, then the velocity of the fluid exiting the impeller must stay approximately constant. (Just stop me when I make a mistake).  I am confused as to why, as the flow rate increases on a pump curve the brake horsepower does as well, (much slower mind you).  This suggests that the torque applied to the shaft is increasing with flow rate.  It seems to me, if the speed of the impeller is constant, the torque should be as well.  Perhaps someone could shed some light on the subject.
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Well, your readings are likely off, since the torque has to increase; with ...
No. 21922, Posted by pfeinstein on 11/17/12, 13:24 PST.
Gillis, I think you have a good explation from the 3 replies so far, but...
No. 7345, Posted by narayan on 06/14/01, 09:57 PST.
After re-reading your post I realize that I didn? really answer it. Here it...
No. 7340, Posted by schultheis on 06/14/01, 06:01 PST.
The brake horsepower equation is BHP= (QxHxSG)/(3960xeff) where Q=flow rate...
No. 7339, Posted by schultheis on 06/14/01, 05:22 PST.
The torque DOES increase as flowrate increases. But I think your assumptio...
No. 7324, Posted by morgenstern on 06/13/01, 08:51 PST.
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