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Message No. 7506, Started by dilipmanohar on 07/01/01
In  Internal gear pump  for Dispensing Gasoline  we use self Lubricating  Material . We may use Sintered phos. Bronze  Or Zinc based  alloy with Graphite impregnation  Or someTeflon based  Material  . out of  these which material  will give long life  of Bush ?
how do we predict life of the Bush in tems of no. of rotations of shaft? what is the  optimum clearance to be  used between Shaft  & Bush for same  Operation? Whether  Rolling Element Bearing has Been used by any manufacturer  for such application?

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A couple of additional materials you may wish to evaluate are: "VESPEL" ...
No. 7589, Posted by rfrost on 07/18/01, 11:38 PST.
I would consider one of the following: Carbon fiber filled teflon Carbo...
No. 7513, Posted by rorschach on 07/04/01, 13:38 PST.
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