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Message No. 7724, Started by tfrey on 08/16/01
I'm looking for a formula that will allow me to calculate the outer tape roll diameter based on inputs (core OD, material thickness, material length)
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I am trying to work through this with a pit liner we will be removing. &nb...
No. 22576, Posted by CodyLCrow on 12/16/16, 08:29 PST.
When reading the thread, look at the current URL in your browser. It shoul...
No. 7737, Posted by mhoyt on 08/17/01, 10:07 PST.
How do I look up a specific msg by number? All I see is a list of topics w...
No. 7735, Posted by tfrey on 08/17/01, 06:46 PST.
TAPE ROLL DIAMETER. You must consider that both the roll volumen and the...
No. 7734, Posted by devitg on 08/17/01, 06:00 PST.
L = material length T = material thickness R1 = core radius R2 = total (...
No. 7733, Posted by mhoyt on 08/16/01, 23:56 PST.
Look up message 3671. You'll find your answer there. Art
No. 7732, Posted by art2000 on 08/16/01, 22:05 PST.
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