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Message No. 7964, Started by mpcltrans on 10/05/01
Hey there efunda gang,

I am a small business owner with an equally small contingent of mechanical drafters and designers.

I would like to ask for some advice on which computer manufacturer builds the best workstations for CAD and CAE applications.

Please give me your opinions.

I have been to most of the computer company's websites, like Dell and Gateway, but your experiences will be most appreciated.

I hear Dell is a good company, but if there are smaller shops with better systems and deals, let me know.

The vitals:

1) Willing to spend at least $3000 - $3500 per computer (not including the programs, that's separate in my budget), if this is too low, please let me know.

2) CAD & CAE applications (preferably Solidworks...but willing to migrate to Pro/Engineer, budget permitting)

3) Technical support capability (how long will the warranty last, in other words)

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you provide.
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