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Message No. 8400, Started by stringman on 01/04/02
i was recently asked this question and have no answer, could someone please respond.

A 4-inch O.D. polyethylene pipe is set in a trench. The pipe consists of a straight vertical section, a 90 degree elbow, and a straight horizontal section. The arc length of the elbow is 45 feet. The radius of the elbow (to the pipe centerline) is R. The lengths of the straight sections are not provided.

What is the maximum compressive strain and where is it located?
A hint was provided:  Strain.max = (-y)/(rho) = (kappa)*(-y)

Anyone have an idea how to solve for the "maximum compressive strain"? I have searched all my old textbooks for a similar example or similar equations and have come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance,
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