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Message No. 108, Started by abk on 01/23/00
am doing a GNVQ for advanced engineering and i have been given an
> assignment about sparkplugs. One of the questions is.
> How would you suggest manufacturing the sparkplug body shell for
> production volumes 10 and 10 million per year.
> I think that the methord for producing 10 million body shells is the
> methord of using hexagonal bar on automatic lathes. And for produing 10
> would be using cold forming.I do not know a lot about these prosses
> though could you please send me information that you think would help me
> with my assignment, it would be much appreciated.
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thankyou very much for your reply to my email iam sure it will help with my...
No. 134, Posted by abk on 01/27/00, 13:20 PST.
Not sure what a GNVQ is. Assuming it is some type of feasability study. ...
No. 111, Posted by dr funda on 01/24/00, 11:18 PST.
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